Sunday, January 17, 2010


We recently ventured into Hoboken (land of the young, drunk and horny) and during our adventure came to the conclusion that we are too old and need to pursue more age-appropriate activites (such as watching Queen Latifah movies and eating kettle corn in the comfort of our own living room). Had someone warned us about 'Boken, our evening could have been saved and this is why we created this blog. We want to help other mid-twenty-somethings navigate the challenges of boring adult culture. Too old for college activities but too young for Scrabble. Along the way we will offer graphic representations of our escapades and give much needed advice to anyone who needs it. Enjoy!


  1. You are NEVER too young for Scrabble.

  2. wrong! babies can't play scrabble because they can't read! ;P ~liz

  3. How about Scrabble Slam?? Is that okay to play?