Friday, March 12, 2010

L&L's Guide to Adulthood: Candle Sense

Buying candles for your apartment can be tricky. If you're like me, candle shopping often ends with a headache from smelling two dozen candles in three minutes. Here are a few guidelines to avoid such headaches:

While candle shopping, it's important to remember that just because something smells good does not necessarily mean you want it lingering throughout your home. An excellent example of this would be the "summer breeze" scent, which could either leave you very relaxed or craving Smirnoff and BBQ chicken.

I personally recommend candles that smell liked delicious baked goods. Not only do they fill your space with a welcoming aroma, they also give false hope of a warm dessert to all who enter your home and deceiving your friends is hilarious.

It is crucial to avoid dollar store candles as they often smell like a disgusting mixture of salami and barnyard animals. While the dollar store is great for other home essentials (dust pans, garbage bags, erotic ice molds) it is best to stick to the better-known candle stores.

Lastly, if you purchase a scent that is just not what you wanted, pass it onto a friend. Candles are extremely versatile and are especially known for setting the mood for romantic evenings, connecting with the dead via seance and even make a good chap stick if you're desperate.

Happy shopping!



  1. Your photoshop skills never fail to impress.

  2. I'm sure my job would love if I could use PhotoShop as well as you do.

    Jim Gaffigan and candle gifts.